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V1- Multi Group Placing- Multi BISS/BOB CH Chancellor's Grand Slam Sam RA, RN, TT, CGC

Sam in the Garden

V1 Multi Group Placing Multi-BISS Multi-BOB CH Chancellor's Grand Slam Sam RA, RN, TT, CGC is a 6 year old purebred Rottweiler dog. He is our pet and lives in California with his sister, Annie. Sam is a very high drive dog with a goofy, puppy-like, personality. He loves being outdoors and especially likes hiking in the mountains and playing in the snow. He is a clown at home but he is also a very successful show dog when he enters the conformation ring. He has more than 50 Breed wins and many Group Placements. He's been ranked in the Top-Ten Rottweiler dogs the past two years and has been recognized twice by the American Rottweiler Club in its Top-Twenty Competition. Sam recently started his working competition career: he has earned his Rally Novice and Rally Advanced titles. Sam was born September 28, 2005.

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Sam & Anthony - A Winning Team

Sam and Anthony - For his Specials conformation show career, Sam is expertly handled by Anthony Groth. Anthony is a professional handler, Rottweiler owner and breeder whose energy and enthusiasm are well matched to Sam's showy personality, high drive and outstanding movement. Together they are an excellent team. Since becoming a team in June, 2009 Sam & Anthony have won multiple BOB’s and Group placements. In October, 2009 Sam and Anthony won BISS at the ARF Specialty, defeating over 100 other Rottweilers - this was their biggest win as a team, so far... (See "Sam's Show Career" below)
BISS October 2009
Sam & Anthony
Sam & Anthony
Sam and Anthony
Sam & Erin - Group 1
Sam & Erin - Group 1 - Kern County KC - Judge Douglas R. Holloway, Jr. - March, 2009
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Sam - An Excellent Example of the Rottweiler Breed

The Rottweiler Breed Standard says the "ideal Rottweiler is a medium large, robust and powerful dog, black with clearly defined rust markings. His compact and substantial build denotes great strength, agility and endurance." Sam exemplifies the best physical characteristics of the standard as well as demonstrating the temperament and movement (gait) called for in the breed standard.

2 years old. Sam is a middle sized Rottweiler dog with excellent proportions. He is very well built with strong bone strength and a strong, well constructed head. He has close fitting ears, dark eyes, a strong muzzle, very good stop, dark mouth pigment and a correct scissor bite. He has a short, strong neck with a well developed chest and correct chest construction. He has very good angulation, a straight back, excellent topline and correct croup. He has a very good coat with correct, rich mahogany markings. (The foregoing description of Sam was excerpted from Judge H. Weiler's critique of Sam at the Wine Country Rottweiler Club Sieger show on September 22, 2007)

3.5 years old. Calm, attentive. Very well built. Excellent male head with small ears correctly set and carried. Very good stop. Short broad muzzle. Excellent depth and width of chest. Front is straight. Excellent angulation front and rear. Excellent topline with matching croup. Excellent bottom line. (the foregoing description of Sam was excerpted from Judge Andreas Mueller's critique of Sam at the Wine Country Rottweiler Club Sieger show on May 30, 2009)

In addition to his excellent structure, Sam is noted for his fluid movement and exceptional reach and drive. Sam has a very strong pedigree with outstanding examples of the Rottweiler breed on both sides of his lines. See Sam's Pedigree here and read more about his family below.

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Sam - Evolution of a Correct Rottweiler

Sam - 5 weeks old Sam - At 5 weeks his nice top line was already apparent.
Sam - 8 Weeks Old Sam - He showed an excellent top line and a short loin during his Conformation Evaluation at 8 weeks.
Sam - 12 weeks old Sam - Although he was getting leggy, his top line still looked good at 12 weeks old.
Sam - 5 months old Sam - At 5 months his top line is great and his legs have grown so he's leveled out a bit. He has retained his excellent proportions.
Sam Moving - 5 Months Old Sam Moving at 5 Months - His top line is perfect. Sam has beautiful, fluid movement with strong reach and drive.

The Result - Beauty in Motion

Adult Sam Moving

Adult Sam

At 2 1/2 years of age Sam continues to demonstrate his perfect top line and his exceptional ability to move. Strong muscles, short back and fluid movement are the essence of a correct, working Rottweiler.
Sam at Top-20 Night

Top-20 Sam

At 3 1/2 years of age Sam shows his beautiful movement as he floats around the ring during the Top-20 Competition at the 2009 ARC National Rottweiler Specialty in Hollister, California. Sam qualified for the National Rottweiler Top-20 with his consistent winning performances in the conformation ring during 2008.
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Stud Dog

Sam is available as a stud dog for selected bitches who have all their health clearances, excellent pedigrees and who exemplify the Rottweiler Breed Standard. A selected bitch must have a pedigree and breed characteristics that compliment Sam as well as features that can be expected to improve upon Sam's pedigree and breed characteristics. You can review Sam's Pedigree and read his Stud Contract on this web site. If you have a suitable bitch and are interested in Sam as a stud please contact Bill Ward .

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Health Matters - All purebred breeds of dogs have health issues that must be of concern to owners and breeders alike. Like many large breeds, Rottweilers are susceptible to structural problems such as hip and elbow disease. In addition some Rottweilers develop heart and eye diseases. Any of these conditions can be inherited and, as a result, might disqualify a dog from competing in AKC conformation events or eliminate a dog as a possible breeding candidate. Reputable Rottweiler breeders adhere to the Mandatory Practices of the American Rottweiler Club (ARC) and do not breed dogs that have serious health issues. In order to determine if a dog's health is satisfactory to breed, ARC requires that dogs must pass stringent health tests. Sam has all his health clearances.

Sam's Health Clearances

Star of Life
Hips OFA RO-68494G24M-PI (Good)
Elbows OFA RO-EL6362M24-PI (Normal)
Heart OFA RO-CA3006/22M/C-PI (Normal)-Cardiologist
Eyes CERF RO-6146 (07) - 8/18/2007 - (Normal)
CHIC 43149
Teeth OFA RO-DE5/74M-VPI (Full Dentition)
(click links above to see actual certificates)
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Sam's Show Career

Sam was trained by Tina Campos (his Sire's owner), Jeanine Rendon and his owner, Bill Ward. He was handled superbly by Jeanine from the time he was 5 months old until he completed his Championship at 21 months of age. Sam finished his AKC Championship in June, 2007 (with Trent Wilkinson as handler) with four Majors. He began competing as a Special in November, 2007. He only competes occasionally and almost never out of California. With that limited showing Sam has won two BISS at Rottweiler Specialties, multiple Group placements (including a Group 1), many Best of Breeds and several Best Opposite Sex placements. Sam finished 2009 ranked #10 Rottweiler Breed and #11 Rottweiler All-Breed. Sam finished 2008 as an American Rottweiler Club (ARC) Top-Ten Dog and was invited to compete in the 2008 ARC Top-Twenty Competition at the ARC National Specialty in May, 2009. He was invited to compete in the 2008 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Sam finished 2008 as the #11 AKC Breed Rottweiler and #20 AKC All-Breed Rottweiler. Anthony Groth became Sam's Specials handler in June, 2009. Sam & Anthony have meshed as a team and have won a BISS at the 2009 ARF Specialty (over more than 100 other Rottweilers), multiple BOB and Group Placements during the second half of 2009. Anthony does an excellent job presenting Sam in the conformation ring. Erin Piercy introduced Sam to the Special's Ring in 2007 and did a great job, taking Sam to his ARC National Top-20 ranking for 2008.

Sam - BISS June, 2008
BISS - Columbia River Rottweiler Club Specialty - June, 2008. Judge: Catherine M. Thompson
Sam - Group Second Placement - April, 2008
Group II Placement - Gavilan Kennel Club - April, 2008. Judge: Beverly Capstick
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Sam's Major Wins

Sam, Major Win, Woodland, CA Sam - Major Win, Gridley, CA
Sam & Jeanine - Major Win, Camellia Capital KC, Woodland, California - May, 2007 Sam & Jeanine - Best of Winners & Major Win, Gridley, California - June, 2007
Sam - Major Win, Great Falls, MT Sam - New Champion, Missoula, MT
Sam & Trent - Best of Winners & Major Win, Great Falls, Montana - June, 2007 Sam & Trent - New Champion, Missoula, Montana - June, 2007
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Sam's Family

Sam has an outstanding pedigree (View Sam's Pedigree or his Whole Family Lineage online) and many relatives with successful show careers including:

Devil'N - Sam's Sire

Devil'n (SELECT BOSS CH Baar’s Devil’N Disgiz v Blackrock CGC) is a successful show dog and an outstanding sire. He won SELECT at the 2003 ARC National, was BOSS at the 2003 ARF Specialty, was a Top Twenty Rottweiler in 2004 and is a Multi-Best of Breed winner.

Devil'N - Sam's Dad
Echo - Sam's Mom

Echo - Sam's Mother

Echo (CH Chancellor's Echo of Fame) is a beautiful, well proportioned, large boned bitch who has produced a number of champions.

Luke - Sam's Paternal Grandfather

Luke (SELECT CH Blackrock’s Empire Strikes CD) had an excellent show career and a very successful career as a stud dog. He was Winner's Dog at the 1997 ARC National out of the AmBred class, 1st Place-AmBred class at the 1997 IFR, selected Most Beautiful Male at the ARV Northeast Regional with 200 entries and he won an Award of Merit at the CRC in 1998. He is an ARC Top Producer and a Gold Producer.

Luke - Sam's Grandfather
Shatze - Sam's Great Grandfather

Shatze - Sam's Maternal Great Grandfather

Sam’s great grandfather is one of the top Rottweilers of all time. Shatze (Multi-BIS Select Am/Can CH Iron Chancellor v Bergenhof CDX, HIC, CGC) won Best of Breed and a Group 4 placement at the 1996 Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Garden. During his career Shatze won 3 All-Breed Best in Shows, he was the #1 Stud Dog at the GSRC Specialty in 1999 and the #2 Stud Dog at the MRC Specialty that same year. He produced many AKC Champions who, in turn, have produced many Champions of their own. Both his parents (Sire: “Nelson” and Dam: “Sophe”) have produced Multi-Best in Show winners. Click Here to see Shatze’s offspring on the web.

Flash - Sam's Half Brother

Flash is the sire to our recent litter of puppies. Sam aspires to a successful show career like his half-brother Flash (BISS Multi BOB Ch Rudez And Let Sparks Fly V Baar CGC). Their father, Devil'N (SELECT BOSS CH Baar’s Devil’N Disgiz v Blackrock CGC), has had a prodigious career as a stud dog, following his successful show career. Go to Flash's Page.

Flash - Sam's Half Brother